[UNPOPULAR OPINION] Why do Asian artists always have to prove themselves in America and appeal to Americans?

The US market today is full of popular figures and artists that aren’t necessarily famous because of their talent. So why do Asians have to? I just hate it how MOST  people from the west can’t look past their culture. Why write off something if it is not American and unfamiliar? It seems like non-American music has to be “validated” by the western world.

Posted: Wed March 21st, 2012 at 9:21pm
Tagged: Asian artists unpopular opinion
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  1. realitycheckeveryday said: sadly it applies in almost all aspects, not just the music industry :(
  2. atticusfinchd said: Sometimes it’s that,or it’s the other way around; Asian artists actually strive to meet the Western standards, so the Westerners are fed off the idea that they “have to” validate, so they do. It’s a cycle, imho.
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